Rev. Dr. Shellie Sampson Jr.

The Reverend Dr. Shellie Sampson, Jr. is a native of Newark, New Jersey.  He has resided in New York state since 1982. Dr. Sampson has been the Pastor of the Thessalonia Baptist Church since 1982 and in ministry for over 30 years. In addition to being an anointed and revelatory teacher and preacher, he is also a gifted pianist and Christian Education author.


·      Construction of Thessalonia Cultural Community Center (seven million dollar facility)

·      Co- Founded the Thessalonia Elementary Academy with his wife Deloranzo Sampson

·      Established the Thessalonia Institute of Education

·      Orchestrated internal & external renovations of the Church building

·      Weekly Radio Broadcast

·      Enhanced church outreach programs including: Senior Programs, Feeding of the Homeless, Adult Education 

    Programs, Annual Children's Street Fair and much more

·      Recipient of numerous awards in recognition of his leadership and participation in community development


·      President of the Thessalonia Institute of Religion

·      CEO of the Thessalonia Cultural Community Center

·      Theme Book Commission and National Congress of Christian Education

·      Detergent Control Chemist, Thesbald Industries

·      Food Chemist and Microbiologist, Best Foods International

·      Technical Supervisor in Packaging Engineering — Quality Control, Anheuser Bush

·      President of the Baptist Minister's Conference of Greater New York vicinity

·      Pastor of the New Calvary Baptist Church of Montclair, New Jersey

·      Headmaster of the Convent Avenue Academy

·      President of Northern Baptist School of Religion, New Jersey 

·      President of the Shiloh Baptist Association Congress of New Jersey

·      President of the Baptist Bible College of Newark (formerly Northern University)

·      Guest Instructor: Eastern Baptist Association College Seminary Extension (formally Northern Baptist University);                            

     New York Commissioner of Civil Rights in the town of Montclair, New Jersey

·      Executive Director of the Baptist Educational Center of New York

·      Guest Lecturer: Drew University School of Theology

·      A founding member of the South Bronx Churches Organization - Nehemiah Houses in the Bronx, New York

·      NYC Religious Education Academic Foreign Studies Tours: WCC Geneva, Switzerland;

    Gregorian University, Rome; Hebrew University, Israel


 Central High School N.J. — Highest Honors in Science, History, Music, and Distance Running  

  Bachelor of Arts in National Science- Rutgers University, New Jersey

  Graduate Certificate in Science - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  Masters of Divinity - Drew University, New Jersey

  Doctor of Ministry in Church Education - Drew University, New Jersey

  PhD Urban Education & Psychology, Temple University

  Advanced Human Development Studies - Princeton Theological Seminary

  Doctoral Studies - New York University, New York

  Honorary Doctorate of Law for Community Development -Virginia University, Lynchburg, Virginia


  Superior Leadership in Challenging Situations

  Effective Techniques in Abuse Ministry

  Handbook for Youth Education

  Articles published locally, regionally, and nationally

 Dr. Sampson is married to Deloranzo Sampson, Headmistress of the Thessalonia Academy and Veteran of the United States Air Force.